What are the E-liquids?

What are the E-liquids?
E-liquids are made up of flavor, nicotine and a blend of water, propylene glycol, and or vegetable glycerin.

It is often called e-juice, sometimes with a hyphen sometimes eliquid without the hyphen. It also was known as ecig liquid, nicotine liquid, nicotine juice, nic juice, or sometimes just juice.

E-liquids has a lot of names but every one of those names refers to the liquid that is converted into vapor by an electronic cigarette device. The electronic cigarette device atomizer comes in contact with the E-liquids and heats the E-liquids until it becomes a vapor. You then inhale the vapor and exhale just as you would cigarette smoke.

A battery is activated and a small charge is sent to the atomizer to generate heat. The atomizer coil heats up to a temperature sufficient to cause vaporization of the E-liquids. Good quality electronic cigarette devices do not overheat the coil or the e-liquid and as a result the vapor that is produced is free of toxins. In fact, Public Health England has found unequivocally that vaping, using an E-liquids, is 95% safer than smoking.

The viscosity, thickness, of the e-liquid will vary from product to product. The flavor of ingredients along with the quality of your ecig device all play a role in how much vapor is produced. When people are just starting out, they often prefer a good E-liquids that has a strong ‘throat hit’. Throat hit refers to the sensation that you feel when inhaling something. Once people have been vaping for a while, they often want more vapor. In those cases they will choose a thicker e-liquid capable of creating larger vapor clouds.

Vaping E-liquids may look like smoking but there is no burning or combustion. That is the secret to the success of electronic cigarettes. It mimics smoking in every way.