How to choose our nicotine flavors and doses?

How to choose our nicotine flavors and doses?

Your can choose E-cigarette in different shapes and sizes, power and capacity, we can supply your favorite E-Liquid that will only come on a specific taste with great E-Liquid Flavor consistency and quality constancy.

There are several E-Liquid Flavors you can choose:

1 iced and mixed flavors, it is a unique vape experience and suitable for any weather, season and time.

2 tobacco flavor, it was meticulously taken from the finest tobacco leaves, you can choose them from dark and bold to full flavor and medium to smooth and light according to your taste.

3 Fruit Flavors, it is smooth, sweet and tasty such as Apple E-Liquid Flavor, Banana E-Liquid Flavor, Blueberry E-Liquid Flavor,Cherry E-Liquid Flavor, Grapefruit E-Liquid Flavor, Grape E-Liquid Flavor,Kiwi E-Liquid Flavor.

4 Beverage flavors, they are very suit for a coffee addict or a soda or even a juice fan.